How am I doing? 1

So, 11 days later, how are things going? I was away from home for most of last week, so I haven’t really had time or opportunity to do much work on getting new habits and rhythms established. But I’ve managed to lose 3lb, which is fantastic, have exercised most days and am keeping my to do list (and actioning things from it too!).

I’ve made daily, weekly, monthly and annual targets and was beginning to settle into the daily ones before my trips away. The rest I haven’t looked at yet:  the rest of the month is going to be very busy. I’e chosen to stretch myself a bit, to really push myself as regards what I can get done, to make this experiment as different as possible to my previous way of being.

I enjoyed the days that I did manage to do  -there was a sense of purpose that energised me, it was very satisfying to see tasks accomplished and I slept well because I was very tired.

While I was away I did some online tasks that had been waiting for a long time, which was also satisfying. One issue to address will be maintaining some of the disciplines when away from home.

So now that my travels are finished for the time being, it’s back to trying to establish the regular habits and rhythms and working out how best to achieve my targets. It’s been a disrupted start, but there’s been some progress, which is encouraging.


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