How am I doing? 2

My last post was a whole 24 hours ago, and now I’m feeling rather less confident that things are progressing well. I’ve been very aware of how much there is on my lists, and it’s stressing me, however much I tell myself that I don’t HAVE to do it all. That’s OK – this project is all about finding out what works for me. As long as the result is more getting done and life being less chaotic and more purposeful and, ultimately, peaceful, that’s all that matters.

Stress is a definite no no. I’m retired and I’m not prepared to have unnecessary stress in my life. So I’m going to try a slightly different tack. I’m not going to throw away my lists of aims and targets, but I’m going to focus on just one or two and aim to get those sorted and running smoothly before moving on to something else. That way I should slowly establish what I can actually fit into my life –  once I’m just maintaining all the basic stuff, it should be clearer what else, and how much of it, I have time for. One of the problems has been that I spread myself too thinly, and that’s what I sense is happening again, trying to attend to too many different areas at the same time.

So let’s see where I’m up to. Before I started this I already had successful  routines for:

washing up

washing and ironing

daily cleaning of the bathroom

changing my bed

– those have been well-established for ages and are done almost without thinking. Very small things, but all essential for an orderly life.

I’ve also been working on, with some success:

planning and shopping for food

limited time online

and in the past few days I’ve worked on:

healthy eating/diet

sorting media

the room I’ve just decorated

keeping up with email

This morning, once again, I walked around the house and felt oppressed by all that needs to be done – really overwhelmed. The above seems very little, yet at times, seems almost as much as I can do. One problem is that days vary so much, some being fairly free, others very busy, so it’s not easy to have a long list of daily tasks that move me towards my targets.

So I’m going to continue with the above. Today I have to put up curtains, so that’s the only other thing I’m focusing on until it’s done. See you later…



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