Rather belated update

It was exciting to see that this blog was beginning to find some readers. Typically, though, the momentum has probably been lost because I haven’t posted for about 3 months. But that’s how it is with me – I come and go with my interests, enthusiasms and what is uppermost in my mind. Hence the title of the blog, and I don’t think I’ll ever completely change – it’s just part of who I am, and though I aim to improve my consistency and discipline in areas  where to do so would make life better/easier/more fun, I also accept the way I’m made, and where it doesn’t have any particularly negative effects I’m not going to worry unduly.

So, what’s been happening? The ongoing efforts to improve my diet and hopefully lose some weight acquired a new urgency around Eastertime, when I became quite unwell, apparently unable to process either salt or sugar  properly. It was a busy time and there was a delay before I could see the doctor. She asked for some blood tests and then it was a while again before I could get back to see her again. In the meantime I put myself on a low-sugar, low-salt, low-alcohol regime, and felt much better for it. By the time I saw the doctor again things seemed to be back to normal. The blood tests threw no light on what had been going on, so it remains a mystery. But it got me reading some books about sugar and I find the hypothesis that it, rather than fat, is the main culprit in obesity and many of the health problems that have become so common in the past 30 years, quite convincing. I’m still reading and thinking, and there’ll probably be another post on food soon.

I continued to make progress on establishing enough routine to keep up with basic tasks around the house – until I had some time away recently, then it all went to pot again and so far I haven’t got back to it. I think the issue was that when I got home I had several busy, sociable days, when I really needed some solitude and  recuperation after spending the best part of 2 weeks in company, and that left me out of touch with myself and feeling very drained. A lesson learned. I’m just beginning to stand back and look at things again and work out how to get myself back into a daily rhythm.

Several reflections are unfolding, so there may be some more posts to come…




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