Lessons learned (till next time…)

This post may get added to,  as I identify (or, more likely, am reminded yet AGAIN!) what works and what doesn’t in keeping myself grounded and stable.

  • Alcohol and chocolate seem like a very good idea at the time when I’m in emotional pain, but they’re not. They give a very short spell of relief, then insomnia, an upset stomach and regret.
  • Sometimes taking my to-do list and saying that I’ll spend 15 minutes on the first item can get me moving.
  • Related to this, my “alternating” strategy of doing something – anything – then reading or watching TV can get me mechanically through times when I really can’t initiate ot find any energy.
  • Yesterday I went to bed in the afternoon because I really couldn’t get myself moving at all – nothing would settle me. I didn’t go to sleep, but spent some time reflecting on “Solitude” (see previous 2 posts), and it helped – new insights.
  • Compulsive checking of email and Facebook doesn’t make more people get in touch: it provokes feelings of disappointment and isolation.
  • Getting out and walking, even (especially?) in the teeth of a gale helps
  • Feeding my mind helps – reading or watching a stimulating TV documentary

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